Fashion Through a Lens

From the fantastical, to the real and raw, fashion photography encapsulates feeling and emotion within a narrative to entice the viewer, and essentially, promote its products.  It offers us an emotional connection with the clothes, as a voyeur, evoking memories, daydreams and aspirational tendencies.   Different photographers interpret this in unique ways and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with at least 4 photographers from different backgrounds over the last 4 years….

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Fashion Activism... 'Music Saved My Life' - The Story of a Street Rapper

‘(My) Music Saved My Life’ A story about a phenomenal man who turned his life around 360 degrees after living the first half of it at her majesty’s pleasure, and in and out of the care system.

It warms my heart that one man can make such an impact and is doing something, saying something, spitting something poetic, eloquent and driven with emotion. A poignant reminder that we need to hear this and more needs to be done to stop the bloodshed, UK (STBSUK).

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Villanelle’s Secret Formula - The Story Behind The Perfume

….Escapsim, hedonism, and the blissful heady scent of a perfume unique to our senses can evoke emotion like no other. Kamila Aubre’s all natural fragrances deliver a whole new world of traditional perfumery. Using pure botanical extracts, and high quality, natural raw materials, KA perfumes are formulated, bonded and packed by hand in a small town near Antwerp. They are 100% natural, sustainable and vegan.

As I read on about the ethos and philosophy of this perfume house, it resonates and reflects with my own values and the concept I have for ThriftVIP. It’s so wonderful when you stumble upon such a beautiful brand who shares a similar philosophy.

Eclecticism and storytelling are ingrained passionately into my work too and one of my dream goals is to visit a perfumery to make my very own unique scent; one which is deadly only in terms of the power it holds in delivering a state of ecstasy, akin to Patrick Suskind’s novel, Perfume.

What’s in a Name

Kamila Aubre had little idea of how popular one of her aptly named ‘Villanelle’ perfume would become. So much so that she wrote a blog dedicated to it last year, from which I will share some takeaways with you here.

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The Power of The Aesthetic... Why Villanelle is the Perfect Customer for ThriftVIP

Aside from the killing, Villanelle feels like ThriftVIP’s perfect archetype.  Not only does she fall into our eclectic aesthetic, she does so with such unforgiving finesse, that we simply cannot ignore it.

‘To Stylish to Ignore’

I just binge-watched series 1 and 2 of Killing Eve in just over a week.  I was gripped, and engaged from start to finish and there’s not been much on TV that has gripped me like this for so long.  Why? Because it’s just too damn stylish to ignore.  

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