ThriftVIP® collections consist of an eclectic mix of Vintage, Pre-loved, & New pieces, with As New embellished pieces.

Size, colour, condition & style varies from piece to piece, so please take time to read the items description, where I’ve provided as much information as possible about the item. I take time to research vintage and pre-loved pieces, however it is not always possible to provide the fabric & era provenance or size for each item.

Colour discrepancies are also noted where necessary - colours may appear slightly different online. Sometimes, where this is obvious, I will state this as so in the description. Each piece I source is laundered (where possible) and carefully stored either on hangers or folded with acid-free tissue paper.

Please also refer to our SHOP POLICIES prior to purchase.

if it fits, it was meant to be

A motto I like to live by which helps me to justify that perhaps it wasn't meant for me this time. Don’t be disheartened, I feel it too.

To avoid unnecessary disappointment, I’ve given as much information as possible about the item, in as much detail as I can.

Some brands will be familiar to you, some may not be. We’re all learning and our bodies change a lot too. I’m aiming to provide an eclectic range of sizes as well as styles and to work with as many different types of models as possible in the future, including those with disabilities. This all depends on what I’m able to source and the resources I have available.

When you purchase from ThriftVIP® you’re supporting our endeavours in diversity too. I’m always on the look out for new sizes, especially in vintage, so I can go up to a size 18-20 in the future.

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I endeavour to offer…

  • All year-round season-less collections, embracing the current season

  • Gender fluid choices

  • Sizes from 8-20

  • To fulfil my customers needs wants & desires, mainly female 25+

  • Trading exclusively in the UK

To make it easier for you to consider your purchase with regards to the condition of an item, I have implemented a system whereby you can use a simple guide, coded with letters, relating to the condition of each piece. These are separated into two headings:


V = VINTAGE - Please be aware that when buying vintage fabrics, the nature of such fabrics can be somewhat more delicate and vulnerable to further stress. They should be handled and washed with care, to be treated like the great friends that they are. After all, they’ve been around some time (they’re at least 20 years old). Be aware that over time the fabric can weaken further in some cases, through wash and wear, so further degeneration in fabrics may be visible where they have already stood the test of time. Sometimes the code V is applied to pieces where a vintage transfer is applied to a New / As New or Pre-loved piece. Advice on transfers is also written within the item’s description. With vintage pieces, a few marks are often expected, however any noticeable marks will be noted within the description and the appropriate condition code applied.

PL = PRE-LOVED - Pre-loved pieces are a real eclectic bunch, which may sometimes be disguising themselves as so when they are actually vintage. Sometimes we’re unable to place the provenance of an era onto pre-loved pieces so they are put into this category. Pre-loved pieces are those which generally are less than 20 years old, and where we’re not sure if they’re vintage too. Mostly we know if something is vintage, so what you see in our collections of pre-loved pieces will be a myriad of quality pre-loved items including designer pieces we source at auction. For designer goods I use a reputable auction house where the items are authenticated by experts.

N = NEW - These are pieces which we have sourced N & AN (see below), and have new ebellishments, such as appliqués, artwork or items that are dyed. It also applies to refurbished frames where new lenses are fitted. We apply the N to pieces where a brand new embellishment has been added, or if it has been bought new and embellished further. It also applies to new in-house designs, such as our Girl Power Bunny tees, which were the first short-run we made from new (Available 2020).

AN = AS NEW - These are pieces which we have sourced from charity shops and other second-hand outlets, including dead stock and from auction. They are often straight from factory stock excess and in as new condition. This code also applies to graduate pieces. You may see this code applied alongside the N code, where brand new embellishments have been added (see above).

G = GRADUATE - These pieces were designed by graduates and are often sample pieces made for end of course collections. It is rare to see these pieces as they are very precious to graduates, where blood sweat and tears have been involved. I am hoping to have some offerings from recent graduates and anything with this G means that it is a graduate designed, hand-made piece.

A = ART - This is where clothing becomes fine art and a commission piece is made. Other category and condition codes indicate the garment’s qualities.


VGC = VERY GOOD CONDITION - We aim to be able to apply this code for as many pieces as possible, and when we’re sourcing, this is a big consideration. This means that the item has been thoroughly inspected and it is found that there are no marks or noticeable signs of wear. These pieces within the Pre-loved section can feel as new, especially regarding our auction sourced items and dead stock pieces.

GC = GOOD CONDITION - Sometimes we source pieces which are generally in good condition but have slight wear. Any small insignificant but noticeable faults are noted within the item’s description.

FC = FAIR CONDITION - Considerable wear but in fair condition. We source these pieces because it would be a shame not to and they will make some of our specialist customers happy, especially collectors and those working in film and television. When used for vintage pieces in particular, it means fair for the age of the item because it is vintage. There’s likely to be all over wear from general use, with marks and some staining or discolouration to the item. If there are any noticeable marks, this will be photographed for you to see. If there are only one or two marks then the item is classified by GC/VGC and the insignificant noticeable mark noted within the description. Sometimes noticeable parts may be to do with the finish of the item, like stitching for example. Depending on where the mark/s is in relation to enjoyment of the item, it can be marked with F /FC / GC / VGC.

F = FAULT - Fault is indicated if a piece has a fault which is likely to be quite noticeable, across any of the categories. All items with faults will be noted within the description and images provided where necessary.

I hope this helps with your selection.

You will notice that several codes will be applied to an item which should indicate fully enough for you to make a considered and informed decision on your purchase. If you have any further questions about the item, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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The fashion lifecycle plays an important part in our endeavours to helping with and encouraging others to create a circular fashion revolution. To complement our offerings, a series of vlogs are being implemented where you can view how-to guides, caring for your clothes and much more. They will be available on our site, and via our YouTube channel. Here’s one for you to watch:

'LOVED CLOTHES LAST' My first instalment of a new series of vlogs, showing you how to take care of your beautiful treasures. This month I’m showing you how to take care of satin pieces... ...You may have seen this jazzy number... an all gold oversize suit jacket, on the beautiful Shani and Karen on instagram. It’ll be available to purchase A/W/19-20