Our Philosophy

We value precious time, energy and resources, inspired by our environment and those within it. Embracing our values which focus on fun, freedom to express and to diversify with our offerings. Patience is rewarded, trust is gained and assistance provided through our unique services.

Inclusion, individuality and artistic endeavours are inspired through lateral thrifting, where we enjoy working alongside other artists and designers through unique collaborations; with members of the public, and our customers.

ThriftVIP® reflects freedom of choice, fulfilling the ever growing demand for originality and individuality, for a more discerning generation of thrift conscious (sustainable fashion) customer.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.Socrates.jpg


A system whereby we can hand select with you in mind, with no obligation from you to purchase and no pressure or time constraints on us. This is slow fashion. Special VIP Membership through the Thrift Lovers Club for a small fee will provide access to ‘Just in’ pieces, and eventually our auction platform, all catered to your personal preferences via a style card (some of you may have filled out one of these already in advance, at our pop-up).

This enables you to make carefully considered choices and find more of what you need and desire.

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Feedback from local customers and even those further afield has suggested that Fitting Parties would be a hit. A chance to try before you buy, and a way of offering alteration services and made-to-measure bespoke pieces for those local to Nottingham. It’s something that I’m definitely considering for ThriftVIP®.

Imagine…. no more tiny changing rooms, bad mirrors, lighting and unhelpful staff. More of what you want and desire in an inclusive and relaxed environment.



Another great offering I’d like to implement is a Wardrobe Clearance Service, especially during difficult times when someone has passed on, or if you simply want to have a clear out.

This can also be offered as a hand selection service if you have one or two pieces to sell on to me.

I will continue the story: Re-love, Re-imagine & Cherish once more. It can also give you the opportunity to tell its story, giving the piece its unique back story, further adding to its provenance and history. Ive got some really lovely ideas for this service which will most likely be the first on offer.


Graduate Platform and Made-to-Measure Service

Collaboration with new designers, fresh from university, and a Made-to Measure Service is being considered as a future concept for our local Nottingham customers. This would enable graduates to utilise their skills in pattern cutting and making, enabling us to offer a more bespoke service whilst providing a platform for graduates to excel and grow. Graduates with current collections to sell will also be a consideration, on a Graduate Platform within the site. Research is ongoing for these offers. Any interested parties can use the contact form to provide me with details of how you’d like to get involved.


I’m also going to be looking into a rental service for higher end pieces, so watch this space for more about this in the future.